Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pan-fried Mackerel with Sambal

3 pcs cut Mackerel / Ikan Tenggiri
some fresh baby lettuce or any veg of your own desire.

1 tbsp tamarind juice
sprinkle a little salt

3 whole shallot
2 whole garlic
2 bird eye chili, cut into pcs.
4 chili padi
1 tbsp belachan
salt & sugar to taste

* clean mackerel and marinade for 1 hour. put aside.
* Heat wok, add 2 tbsp cooking oil, let the oil heat and add in all sambal ingredients except for salt & sugar, stir till slightly cooked and dish up, transfer to a blender / chopper or you can do the traditional pounding even taste better!.
* Blend all cooked sambal ingredients into a high speed until finely mixed and become thick a texture, add in salt & sugar to taste. put aside and it is ready to served.
* Heat a non-stick pan, pour 2 tbsp of cooking oil into the pan. when oil is hot, put in mackerel to brown on one side till 80% cooked and turn the other side to cook through. when its all cooked, dish up and served with baby lettuce at the side. served hot with sambal & rice.

Happy Cooking!

Steamed Black Bean Chicken

2 pcs of chicken legs cut into serving pcs / used chicken boneless/ breast.
1 big & long bird eye chilis, chopped
5 garlic, chopped
thumb size ginger, finely shred & chopped
2 tbsp fermented black bean, soaked and put aside.
chopped spring onion garnishing

1 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
dash of chicken stock
1 tbsp shaoxing wine - optional
2 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp sesame oil
salt & pepper to taste

* combine all ingredients and seasoning together in a semi deep plate, marinate for 30 minutes or 1 hour.
* I recommend not to use any deep soup bowl chinaware for steaming, as this will takes time for the meat to cook through the center. a stainless steel plate to steamed is recommended.
* steamed at high heat for 25 minutes or until the chicken cooked throughly inside out. sprinkle with chopped chili & spring onion. served hot with rice.

Happy Cooking!

Mango Chicken Chop

2 pcs boneless chicken or chicken breast
half or whole butterhead or iceberg lettuce
1 whole sweet mango

dash of light soya sauce
dash of chicken stock
2 tbsp cornstarch
1 egg white
1 tbsp thyme

5 tbsp concentrated mango syrup
dish of light soya sauce

* Rinse the chicken and pat-dry, season with marinade, mix well for 30 minutes or sso. keep aside.
* To make sauce, mix the sauce ingredients well combined, you can cook over a low heat until slightly thickened. remove and leave aside. For me, i prefer to serve it just the way it is, i don't heat my sauce. lastly, chopped fresh whole mango into small cubes, keep aside for garnishing.
* coat the marinated chicken with another 2 tbsp of corn flour, deep-fry into hot oil until cooked and golden brown. removed and drain well, on the chopping board, chop chicken into pcs.
* shred lettuce place in the center of the platter, sprinkle some mango cubes around the lettuce, place the chicken chopped on top of lettuce, Pour the cooked mango sauce to the chicken chop and sprinkle the remaining mango cube on top.

Happy Cooking!!

Butter Prawns

1 portion of Medium size Prawns trimmed, slit back remain shells
handful Curry leaves
4 big eggs yolks
5tbsp salted butter

4 garlic finely chopped
chili padi chopped

Salt & sugar to taste
Dash of chicken stock powder

* Heat up oil for deep-frying prawns until cooked & fragrance. Dish & drain.
* Combine egg yolks, slightly bitten & put aside.
* Heat up wok, melt butter with low heat but hot, slowly pour in bitten egg yolk from a meter high, while other hand keep stirring until the mixture form into very fine shreds. Add in curry leaves, chili padi, seasoning and mixed well.
* Put in Prawns and mixed well, Dish up and drain off the excess oil.

Happy Cooking!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crispy Taufu Pok Balls

1pkt taufu pok
2pcs white taufu/beancurd

fresh prawns finely chopped
carrots finely chopped into very small pcs
fresh mushroom finely choppped into very small pcs
pasley/corriander leaf finely chopped
3 garlic finely chopped
1 eggs

Salt & Pepper
chicken stock
light soya sauce
oyster sauce
3 tbsp corn flour

* Mashed 2pcs white taufu with hand and mix well with all the stuffing ingredients and add in seasoning & egg to mix well, keep aside.
* clean taufu pok from the outside.
* Poke a hole in the center of taufu pok and turn taufu pok skin inside out. Once all done, start the stuffing, make sure all stuffing are equally firm & round.
* heat the wok, add oil in high heat for deep-frying.
* when oil is hot, put in stuffed taufu pok one at a time.
* deepfried until golden brown, dish & drain and served with Thai chili sauce/homemade or ketchup as your own liking.

Happy cooking!! :)

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